What People are Saying About Happy Soul Photography

“Kelly, I LOVE these!  Seriously, I couldn’t be happier.  Thank you a million times over.  I can’t wait to see what happens in our next session.  We had so much fun and even [my husband], who hates having pictures made and usually doesn’t like himself in them, had fun and is so happy with the way they turned out.  Thank you again and we’ll be seeing you soon!”
–Jessica O.
“Love love love them!  There were happy tears! Thank you so much for capturing our family in such a beautiful way.”
–Gayle P.
“These are just beautiful!  Breathtaking!  Could be the pregnancy hormones but they made me cry! We love them so much, you captured everyone’s personality!”
–Carron M.
“Way to make a hormonal new mommy cry like a baby…in the best way possible of course 🙂 We’re so in love Kelly. You really did capture our quirky family perfectly. You even made [my husband] cry looking at them and that rarely happens :)”
–Shelley B.
“Kelly is a fantastic photographer. I have been following her business for a while and love her eye, her editing style, and the overall joy she seems to bring out in her clients. When I learned she would be in the Houston area, I jumped at the opportunity to hire her. With three kids under the age of four, you never know what you will get. Kelly was able to capture their personalities in such an delightful way and has given us the gift of freezing time for a few moments. She captured so many amazing moments in our session, it was hard to choose our favorites. I would recommend Kelly to anyone looking for a talented family photographer.”
–Amanda S.

“Wow! I have looked at these photos a thousand times this morning and they make me so happy! I didn’t expect a sneak peek so soon, so this is such a pleasant surprise! Thank you so much for capturing our family so beautifully and for your kind words about our sweet boy. You know how to make this mama’s heart swell with pride. We can’t wait to see the rest.”
–Erica K.

“I think you made my heart explode!!!!  I absolutely love that picture.   Thank you again for taking our photos…..we are so excited and can’t wait to see the rest.  You are amazing………..”
–Keitha N.

“You have a magical camera that made our family the most beautiful it has ever been!  Seriously can’t wait to work with you and that camera again.  Look forward to printing those pictures out soon.”
–Shelley B.

“Kelly!!  We just got the thumb drive in the mail and I am so excited!  I actually teared up watching the slideshow and I can not thank you enough for capturing our family in such a beautiful way.  I’ll say it again, you are incredibly talented and I wish we lived closer to be able to have sessions with you more often. :). We will have to make some Austin trips in the future!”
–Marysia N.

“I’m literally speechless at how good the photos are! Thank you so much for going above and beyond. You are an absolute genius behind the camera! My mom saw the sneak peek photos and asked me how I would find room on the walls of our house for all the pictures. Before I talked to you, I showed [my husband] some of the other pictures on your blog. His comment was that we weren’t as good-looking as those people. I think you absolutely made us look as beautiful as the other families. So, yep, we definitely will be doing this again in the future!”
–Melissa S.

“OMG- they are amazing!!! You are totally OUR photographer from now on!  I wish you had been there for our wedding.  You managed to create pictures of me that I don’t hate too! Sorry, I am usually disappointed in all pictures but these are fabulous!  Yeah!!!!!”
–Kelly R.

“Thank you thank you! We are more than excited to see how beautiful these turned out. After almost 3 years without good family pics, these will be hard to beat for next time! We will have to call you again for the next round…and it won’t be 3 years again I hope! As a mama, you gave me wonderful captures of my children that I will cherish for a lifetime…thank you for that. Don’t stop what you’re doing…ever!
–Jennifer S.

“Thank you Kelly!  I am so grateful that you got so many cute pictures that really show off the personality of my kids and family.  I got teary eyed just looking at them (seriously!).  Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!”
–Amanda M.

“Kelly, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing photos you just posted on your blog. You have an unbelievable talent. You made our family feel so at ease. Both M and I teared up at seeing the blog post. You painted our experience perfectly. Time did stand still and we were able to capture this awesome moment in our family’s life. You are hereby deemed the official photographer of the H family! Thank you for being an awesome photographer and equally awesome person.”
–Jennifer H.

“Happy Soul has managed to capture some of the best images of my boys.  This is no small feat considering my oldest can be a bit stubborn.  Kelly is great with both my boys, helping them to enjoy the entire process of the photo shoot.  I’m convinced that while her skill behind the camera helps us get these great shots, it’s really her getting the boys to have fun and relax in front of the camera that creates these images.  As long as she is willing to shoot my crazy bunch, we’ll be enthusiastic models!”
–Polly B.

“Your pictures are really beautiful! I love that they are bright and not over-processed with tons of actions. They look just like the best of real life.”
–Gwen D.

Our photography session with Kelly was so much fun! She suggested the gorgeous Mayfield Park and showed up with amazing props and some pure mama charm, winning our daughter Mia over in two seconds flat. Mia thought we were just having a fun day at the park. Kelly kept the session casual, and by doing so she was able to capture some beautiful candid shots, which is exactly what we wanted. When she posted the pics for us, we were blown away. Every single picture is just so perfectly composed. I want poster-sized prints of all of them! My friends and family were stunned when I told them she was just starting out. Everyone assumed she had been in business for years. Kelly is a true pro and we are so happy with the result. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and we will cherish these photos forever.”
–Melissa S.

“Kelly has natural instincts when working with young children. She really brought out the best of Bella’s sweet personality in the very short window we had!”
–Rachel R.

“Kelly was wonderful to work with! She’s fantastic at adapting an environment to get great pics and really took the time to get several wonderful shots. Her experience as a mother and her love for what she does really came through during our sessions. We couldn’t be happier with the pictures we’ve gotten so far, and we can’t wait to work with her at our next session.”
–Kristina J.

I am so thrilled that Kelly took our maternity photos. When I saw the photos, I forgot about the day-to-day stresses of a difficult pregnancy and realized what an amazing experience I was going through. And Kelly made me look good doing it! Our newborn session was a blast, and Kelly was fantastic with our daughter. We have shared the photos with family and friends and everyone comments on how great the shots are. I highly recommend Kelly’s work!”
–Ashley B.